• advise on the bond issuance process
  • bond pricing

Asset management

  • advise on the matters regarding portfolio management. Portfolios: securities, derivatives, currencies and commodities
  • advise on the matters regarding the relations between the client and the asset manager

Derivative transactions

  • advise on the hedging against market risk, interest-rate risk and exchange-rate risk via the options, with special regard to CIRS, IRS and FRA options, as well as the futures
  • pricing of  futures, CIRS, IRS and FRA options


  • preparing the factoring by-laws and standard factoring contract
  • advise on the conducting of factoring contract


  • Marcin Liberadzki, Legal Adviser, acts as an arbiter of the Arbitration Court of Polish Bank Association in disputes regarding currency options and SWAP transactions. He also acts as a representative of parties in such disputes in that Arbitration Court.

Bankruptcy proceedings

  • restructuring of debt
  • bankruptcy fillings preparation
  • preparation of the balance of payments of the enterprises filling for bankruptcy


  • Advise on
    • public – private partnerships (PPPs)
    • Project finance
    • municipal bonds issuance


  • financial models and business plans for wind power farms
  • energy market analysis


  • We are experienced in preparing expert opinions in all of the above mentioned fields, especially for the court matters.